Full-Page Feature Article about Karin Schäfer in "Wiener Zeitung"

Karin Schäfer’s visual theatre work was honoured this weekend in the prestigious “Wiener Zeitung”, one of the most famous newspapers in Europe and one of the oldest, still published newspaper in the world.

"The fluid transition between visual and performing arts is her trademark: Karin Schäfer's objects, forms and figures - in which she often refers to other works of the fine arts - become lively, memorable and ambiguous images in her stage productions.

Working with theater, dance, figures, masks, animated films, projections, light and shadow, she creates her very special form of 'visual theater', in which the music - mostly live, working with pianists and orchestras - forms an equal counterpart."

Karin Schäfer - born in Mödling in 1963, she grew up in Vienna, studied puppet theater at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona; Seven years working in several ensembles in Spain; 1993 foundation of the Karin Schäfer Figuren Theater; tours and guest performances with her visual theater productions in 45 countries worldwide. Founder and since 2003 director of the festival "Pann-Opticum" in Neusiedl am See. Lives in Vienna and Malaga.

This article online: https://www.wienerzeitung.at/nachrichten/kultur/kunst/galerie/989239_Karin-Schaefer.html

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